An Expat Family | Newborn
Discovery Bay Hong Kong

Mai Williams (Mai Fotography) is a Hong Kong Lifestyle Motherhood and Family Photographer. Mai Fotography is located in Discovery Bay, HK.  (Additional travel fee will be required for outside Discovery Bay and Tung Chung area.) Specializing in Motherhood Photography – Maternity, Newborn, Six Months, & One Year. Photoshoot takes place at your home, at studio, and/or outdoor location.

mom and dad on the bed in a white bedroom and mom is holding the baby girl
mama and newborn baby girl are laying down shot from the above
newborn baby's tows close up
baby's hand close up there are some peeling skin that newborn baby gets
sleeping baby's side face close up in black and white, baby's mouth is open
newborn baby is in birth suit - half naked. she is sleeping peacefully
daddy is kissing newborn baby girl on the bed
mommy is kissing nose to nose on her newborn baby girl on the bed in the white bright room
left, dad is smiling at the baby on the bed and right, mom is holding the baby and see mom and dad looking at the baby
on the bed mom is smiling while a small dog is kissing newborn baby's head
right, mom is talking to the girl on the bed and left, mom and newborn baby are laying down on the bed and there is a small dog and dad is sitting on the bed of the edge
family of 3 with a dog on the bed and dog is looking at the camera
family of 3 on the bed and mom and dad both holding on the newborn baby
mom and dad are holding the newborn baby and smiling at the camera
left, mom is smiling at the camera while dad is holding the baby and right, close up on the baby peacefully sleeping
mom and the newborn are laying on the bed and dad came to kiss mommy which made her smile big
left, baby is alone sleeping on the bed swaddled pink stripe swaddle, right, mama is laying down with the girl and kissing the baby
mom is looking at dad who hold the baby, right image, mom is laying down on the bed and kissing the baby girl
a Chihuahua is kissing newborn baby's head who is swaddled in pink stripe swaddle

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