Best Time to Have Your Outdoor Photo Session

There are a lot of things to consider when booking your outdoor photoshoot. Whether it is for a maternity session or family session, you want to make sure your images come out looking stunning! Many people book their shoot, thinking that the afternoon would be the best time to shoot since there is plenty of sunlight, but this is actually one of the worst times to do an out door shoot. The afternoon light from the sun is often harsh and strong which causes unflattering shadows. So when should you schedule your outdoor session?

Family on a beach during golden hour for their outdoor session.

The Golden Hour

Best time to shoot outdoors is during what is know as the golden hour. This is typically the hour just after the sun has risen or the hour just before the sun sets. It is during this time that the lighting is ideal because the sun is typically at its lowest point in the sky. As a result, the light is soft and diffused which creates less contrast and shadows.  The glow of the sun at this time will also help add dimension to the background and allow for more detail to come through the images.

Best time to have your outdoor session - toddlers feet are in the sand on the beach

How to determine the golden hour?

Since the sun rises and sets at different times every day you want to make sure you plan accordingly. From about March to July the sun will begin to rise earlier and set later, and from August to December the sun will rise later and set earlier.

My recommendation is the Sunset Golden Hour!

In summer time, some parents share their concerns about having their children outside close to their dinner time or bedtime. I always recommend extra and/or later naps and extra snacks before their sessions. In my experience, most babies and toddlers are interested in a new environment, and they usually stay active and calm during the session. I’d say it won’t be the same as getting them to stay up later at home.)

Hope this helps you!
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