In-Home Newborn Photo Session
Discovery Bay, HK | Ava-Rose

In-home newborn photo session is absolutely popular among those who love to have a relaxed and comfortable photoshoot. To achieve the best experience, I encourage parents to feed your newborn until he/she gets full right before your session starts. This means you might need to adjust the feeding time accordingly.  A full tummy means deep sleep. Your baby will be sleeping during the session, and that gives you a stress-free photoshoot. (If you wish to have some pictures when they are awake, we can wake him/her up toward the end of the session.)

In-Home Newborn Photo Session | Ava-Rose

Ava was pretty calm and everything went smoothly.  She was only 9 days old and has the sweetest big sister any little sister could ever ask for. What a great gift to have your sister as your best friend. 

Newborn Photo - mother holds newborn baby and big sister is looking at the mom Newborn Photo - BW dad is holding his newborn and smiling at her Newborn Photo - Proud big sister is laying with her little sister Newborn Photo - mother is talking to her newborn on the bed Newborn Photo - dad proudly hold her on his shoulder Newborn Photo - parents are on the bed smiling at their newborn Newborn Photo - Dad and sleeping newborn do nose to nose Newborn Photo - BW newborn baby is kissing sister's cheek Newborn Photo - newborn baby is yawning in mom's arm Newborn Photo - BW mom kissing newborn's cheek Newborn Photo - big sister is kissing baby's foot Newborn Photo - mom and the big sister are kissing Newborn Photo - mom holding newborn in her arms and dad is kissing mom's shoulder Newborn Photo - grandma hold newborn and everybody is smiling

I am a Hong Kong Motherhood and Family Photographer. I’m located in Discovery Bay, HK.  (Additional travel fee will be required for outside Discovery Bay and Tung Chung area.) I’m specializing in Motherhood Photography – Maternity, Newborn, Six Months, & One Year. Currently, I’m booking October sessions and beyond!!!

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