Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained

“I don’t want my photos to look posed”, is a phrase I hear a lot. If so then Lifestyle photography is perfect for you.

What is lifestyle photography?

A lifestyle photography session documents real life milestones, moments and events and gives you images that are anything but posed. Lifestyle photography photos tell your story just as it is at that precise moment and are perfect for any genre of photography. Action driven details bring your images to life over and over again.

So what are some of the situations where lifestyle photography can be used?

Kids Photography

Lifestyle photography is the ideal way to capture the beauty and authenticity of childhood. Make sure your children are well rested and that they’re comfortable in both their clothing and their surroundings. Patience is key during this type of session but this is when the magic happens. Bringing along a favorite snack, toy or book won’t hurt either.

Believe it or not, the most successful photos often happen when we let the kids lead the session. It’s all about making it a magical and spirited time where there is lots to take in. Sitting back and capturing those honest moments will ensure beautiful images that you’ll love for decades.

Three children walk along the beach holding hands, their backs to the camera. A small boy runs forward while his older sister walks with their dog.

Newborn Photography

Lifestyle photography naturally lends itself to newborn photo sessions. True to life, crib and bassinet shots taken through the slats make for stunning photos. Then there are of course the shots with mom, dad, brothers, sisters and even the family pet. Moments that may seem mundane now such as bathing, feeding or even changing a diaper, from a distance of course, make for creative shots that you’ll love for years to come. Playing with and rocking your baby are also moments that you definitely won’t regret taking the time to capture as it gives you fond memories to look back on in the months to come as your baby grows and their routine changes.

Lifestyle sessions of father smiling holds his newborn son with their foreheads touching. Shot of a newborn head while the mother cradles him gently.

Family Photography

There is nothing quite like having the family together. The laughing, games, meals and memories are truly something to treasure. A lifestyle photography session is the perfect excuse to get your family together and capture different generations spending quality time with each other. Why not shoot a family lunch or time spent playing outside in the garden? Capturing moments between siblings or grandparents and grandchildren are photos you can treasure for years to come.

Grandfather holds his toddler grandson in an outdoor lifestyle photo session. mother and father with son on his shoulder, kiss on the beach while their daughters smile up at them. Mother kisses daughter cheeks while she looks out the balcony at their in home lifestyle photo session.

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Hi, I’m Mai, an Indianapolis photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photography. I focus on capturing the beauty of motherhood and those fleeting moments that pass by too quickly. Let’s work together to document lasting memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

two little dogs are on the bed with the newborn baby who is wrapped in blue swaddle

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