Mommy and Me Session
with My Fur Baby

Mommy and Me with my fur baby, Tyson

Before I share pictures from our Mommy and Me session, I’d love to talk about my fur baby, Tyson. (My old blog posts were lost when this website crashed last year…)

History of Tyson

It’s been a year and 5 months since we adopted Tyson who was abandoned by a previous owner. Let me tell you… It has been quite a journey for the Williams’ raising this fur baby.

When we first adopted Tyson, he was so distant.  He didn’t care about anything.  He had no interest in playing with any toys or other dogs.  He just sat around with a sad look on his face all the time.  To try to pull him from his shell, we gave him so much love and attention, and he slowly warmed up to us.  Now, he has separation anxiety and he barks/cries whenever we leave him.  To make things worse, this boy has had SUCH bad luck. In the last year, he was bitten on the face at the city dog park, broke his hind leg, and got hit by a car. The car accident was from desperation to find me.

Fortunately, Tyson has been progressing a lot.  He loves playing with toys and other dogs and he’s learning some tricks.  He still has anxiety but he’s making small improvements.  I wanted to capture his growth and asked a talented photographer, Jaimie, from Jaimie Johnson Photography to snap some pics of us together. virginia beach Mommy and Me with my fur baby

Tyson is on high alert, as usual. virginia beach with my fur baby - Mommy and Me

Tyson wanted to explore new places… virginia beach Mommy and Me

My hubby says, “Tyson is obsessed with you.” lol virginia beach Mommy and Me

Tyson was such a good listener here. virginia beach Mommy and Me

I love these shots! virginia beach Mommy and Me

Jaimie captured me so well. haha

After this session, Tyson spotted some type of big bird and took off into the small pond!! Thankfully, he came back to me and was ok, but I hope he enjoyed the little swimming session. lol :P virginia beach Mommy and Me BTS

Behind the scenes (iPhone) Thank you, Jaimie. You are the best!

Thank you!
Mai xo

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