The N Family | Newborn
DB, Hong Kong

Mai Williams (Mai Fotography) is a Hong Kong Lifestyle Motherhood and Family Photographer. Mai Fotography is located in Discovery Bay, HK.  (Additional travel fee will be required for outside Discovery Bay and Tung Chung area.) Specializing in Motherhood Photography – Maternity, Newborn, Six Months, & One Year. Photoshoot takes place at your home, at studio, and/or outdoor location.

three black and white image collage of mom kissing the baby on the chair and baby's sleeping face close up and mom and dad standing where mom holds the baby and dad is kissing mom's shoulder
mom and dad who hold the baby are sitting on the couch and one dog is next to dad's legs and one is sitting right next to his mom
left image is mom holding the baby smiling at the camera, and left image is dad is holding the camera and mom is hugging dad from his right side
wall decoration for baby Huck's room with lots of books and stuffed animals
mom and dad are smiling at the camera and both hands are holding the newborn baby
left image is where dad is holding the baby and standing by the window looking at the baby proudly, and right image is that dad is kissing baby's forehead sitting on the couch in black and white
family of three with two dogs sitting on the couch and smiling at the camera but baby is asleep
left image with mom holding on the baby on the gray chair and on the right baby is on mom's shoulder with mouth is hidden by his arm
peacefully sleeping baby wrapped in blue swaddle on the white bed sheets
newborn baby boy is laying down in between parents on the bed with the mosquito net hung from the ceiling
handmade merry for the baby's crib and the memorable stuffed animals on the gray chair
both pictures were shot from the above them, left image is black and white baby is sleepy and mom is smiling at him and right image is where mom is kissing the baby and baby is looking at the camera
mom is on the bed sitting and holding the baby wrapped in a blue swaddle
two little dogs are on the bed with the newborn baby who is wrapped in blue swaddle

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