The Pearson Family | Newborn
Tung Chung, Hong Kong

Mai Williams (Mai Fotography) is a Hong Kong Lifestyle Motherhood and Family Photographer. Mai Fotography is located in Discovery Bay, HK.  (Additional travel fee will be required for outside Discovery Bay and Tung Chung area.) Specializing in Motherhood Photography – Maternity, Newborn, Six Months, & One Year. Photoshoot takes place at your home, at studio, and/or outdoor location.

black and white collage of baby's head close up, baby's head who is held by dad, ear close up, and dad kissing mom who is holding the baby
mom and baby laying down on the bed upside down face to face mom is in the pink dress
left, baby is wrapped in the swaddle with star prints and right image is baby's face close up
mom is smiling at the baby in the background and focus in the baby's back of the head.
focused on baby's head and in the background we see mom and dad looking at each other in blur
baby's feet close up and baby is wrapped in star print swaddle
baby's head close up where mom in pink dress is holding the baby
new family of 3 with newborn baby are laying down on the bed, mom is in pink dress
left image- mom is looking at the camera while she hold the baby and dad is right next to them and left image has the baby and mom's laying down image where mom is kissing baby's head
mom and dad smiling at each other while they both held their newborn baby
left image, dad and baby are head to head touching and on the right, baby is on mom's lap and he is sleeping
there is a window and the bed and mom and dad are on the bed smiling at each other and dad is holding the baby
baby is upper body image with his sleepy face
mom and newborn baby are laying down on the bed and mom is in pink dress and baby is wrapped in the star print swaddle

Mother’s pink dress is from my client closet.

baby who is wrapped in a green stars print

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