Why You Should Get Professional Makeup for Your Session.

Investing in Professional Makeup…

Have you ever considered investing in professional makeup for your photo session? Do you think it’s worth it? Do you think a professional photographer is enough? When it was my own session, I used to think, “Well, I just want some family pictures” or “I don’t need fancy outfits or makeup for the session.”

But having this done for you not only helps you relax and feel beautiful inside and out, you will be amazed by the results.  I wanted to prove it after I had last photoshoot of my own. Yes, I had my makeup done professionally. A well-known makeup artist, Bobbi Brown said in this article, “Looking great in pictures isn’t reserved for those who are naturally photogenic. It’s actually a combination of three things: lighting (indoor versus outdoor), film type (black-and-white or color), and makeup application.”

You might think you are wearing too much makeup, but it won’t look like it in the pictures!  Cameras won’t pick it up.  You can see the difference with minimal makeup (left) and with professional makeup (right) in these pictures below. (We tried to have our model pose the same ways as much as possible.)

*Please don’t get my message wrong.  I LOVE both images.  I think professional makeup highlights your natural beauty, and on top of that, I saw my model gain confidence after she got her professional makeup done!! That’s a bonus! :D

Before and after of a model with make up. Comparison of a model with eyes closed showing her with make up and no make up. Model poses for the camera. Before and after of model with and without makeup. Before and after of a model posing with professional make up. Before and after of a model posing for the camera with her make up done.

And More From This Session..

Model poses and smiles at the camera with her professional make up. Model posing for the camera. Model smiles at the camera. Model with her make up, posing for the camera.

Thank you, Brittany for being fabulous!!! Special thanks to the awesome makeup artist, Nancy. Please go to like her Facebook page for your future reference! Also, if you wish to book a session with me, please contact me.

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Have a wonderful one.
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