World Breastfeeding Week 2021
with #ittasteslikelove | recap

Do you or have you breastfed your child(ren)? I think breastfeeding is a personal choice, and some can’t even do so with medical reasons. Society may still see it differently, but we, mothers, are here to protect and nourish our children. We should be able to choose what’s best for our little ones and do so whenever and wherever! The more we talk about it and the more we show up and breastfeed, the world will change their perspective.

I have been so lucky to work with Liz Thomas, the campaign founder of #ittasteslikelove, for a while now. I love documenting this very special time between mothers and children and help normalize breastfeeding in public.

My personal experience was really short for both of my children. I was only able to breastfeed about 3.5 months due to pregnancy and lack of supply. During the time, I have never thought of photographing myself or even asked someone to photograph me breastfeeding. But I miss it now. I wish I had more tangible memories of me breastfeeding because I believe it’s so beautiful. ( Thanks to my husbands, he took ONE cell phone picture when I first breastfed my first child at home, and I am cherishing it.)

If you ever want me to photograph your breastfeeding journey, just ask! I can even set up some studio mini session for you.

Below images are shot in Discovery Bay North Plaza for Around DB magazine.

three images of mothers breastfeeding their little ones
see the tower in the background and there are two ladies in white dresses breastfeeding their toddlers.
two images of mother breastfeeding their toddlers right image has african american mother and left image has red hair mother.

Below images are for support breastfeeding older children. No one will be here to judge if you breastfeed your little ones for a long time.

little boy is doing peekaboo with mother's hair while he is nursing himself
left image - mother in pink dress is feedind her toddler and right image is african american mother is feeding a big brother while the toddler is smiling at the camera next to him
4 mothers in the colorful rainbow color dresses are breastfeeding their older kids on the couch

Below images are from our dual campaign with Nestology Studio and It Tastes Like Love. These are shot in Lower Cheugn Sha Beach in South Lantau.

group of mothers are breastfeeding under the tree at south lantau beach
four mothers are breastfeeding in the woods
mother in a yellow dress is breastfeeding a baby on the rock at the beach, she is smiling at the camera
close up the baby image where she is drinking mother's milk
mother is kissing baby's hand while she breastfeeds her baby girl
upside down image where little girl's shadow is holing mom's hand on the sand
sandy feet closet up
mother is holding her baby who is in a pink dress
mother is breastfeeding her baby girl who is in a pink dress, we cannot see mom's face
a mother in beautiful white and pink dress is proudly breastfeeding her daughter on the shore at the beach
beautiful baby girl with pretty blue eyes are looking up at the camera
mother is kissing her baby's hand while he is looking back at the camera on mom's lap
mother is looking at her son who is looking at the camera sitting on mom's lap in the woods
close up image of the baby boy who just was breastfed
close up baby toes while he is breastfed
mother in blue floral dress is breatfeeding her son leaning on the huge rock on the beach

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group of moms are breast feeding on the stairs in discovery bay hong kong

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