Motherhood Makes You Feel Lonely (3)
Parenting Struggles

Do you have parenting struggles?

When Social Media makes motherhood look like such an amazing experience, your everyday life with toddlers is full of chaos. Motherhood can be lonely because a lot of people don’t talk about negative stuff. They seem to have it all together.

  • Am I the only one struggling?
  • Am I the only one in the bad mama club who yells at little ones?
  • How can I deal with non-stop crying and whining?
  • How am I supposed to stay calm?
  • What is the best reaction when toddlers don’t listen to me at all?
  • How can I spend a day without losing my temper?
  • Am I the only one wearing the same clothes and haven’t showered for days?
  • oh her child can do/say such and such at this age?
  • She always looks amazing on her instagram. Always looks perfect… How does she make time?

I have so many questions.

Let me tell you this though; it is OK to struggle, and venting/sharing isn’t complaining!!

Having a family is a gift. There are so many great things in life with kids. We love them, and they make us smile and laugh. Time with kids is absolutely priceless and we all know it. But motherhood is not all about those precious moments, isn’t it?

Insta poll about being scared about truth in motherhood

Even some mothers in person are afraid of voicing the bad things about motherhood.

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“You wanted to have kids.” “It’s your fault that you didn’t use contraception (birth control).” “You chose to be busy by getting pregnant.” “Don’t complaining. You wanted this (being a mother).” etc,…

I know it’s because of these comments you get, you don’t want to share the real motherhood stories. But we all know that it could be rough time to time even though you love them to death.

Don’t you think it would be so uplifting and supportive if people shared their frustrations and how parenting sucks sometimes? There are things that I wish I knew before I became a mother. LOL I’m not trying to scare all new mothers but motherhood is not always what I have expected to be. Parenting struggles are real…

Motherhood isn’t always what you expected poll

Again. Venting or sharing your feelings isn’t complaining!!!

I was raised by my strict and hysterical Japanese mother.  My mother’s parenting style is all in me. Hate it or love it, that’s all I know. Unfortunately, I raise my kids which is the way I was raised, and I really want to change it.  Don’t get me wrong. I respect and appreciate what my mother has done for me even more since I have my own kids.  I see what she struggled. Parenting is definitely an opportunity for me to re-parent myself. It’s not easy to undo the way I was raised and learn new parenting techniques. For now, I’m the bad police/parent in the family who raise voice and discipline firmly. (And daddy is mostly the nice one.) Parenting struggles are real.

I follow @raise good kids and @big little feelings on Instagram. I highly recommend you to check them out for parenting inspirations.

Motherhood sometimes makes you feel lonely and there are parenting struggles. But at the end of the day, your child is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters. You do what’s best for your family and no one can judge what you do. When people give you unwanted advice, only take ones you like and you can agree with. Stay positive and stay strong, mama!

Message me to vent or share your successful stories.

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